Star Valley has bred and produced 36 Champions
 and 23 Grand Champion Russell Terriers to date, most of which have UKC Purple Ribbon status.  These Russell's have also gone into AKC FSS.   We were the first UKC champion, grand champion, and top ten winner for the Russell Terrier breed. A total of 7 of the top Russell Terrier breeders in USA have used Star Valley as  foundation for their breed program.These people promote the breed by actively participating in AKC shows, to date,not just using our name to promote the sale of puppies.  Star Valley has won  44 Best in Show and 12 Reserve Best in Show.  We are also proud to have the UKC #1 Russell for 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2008.
Some were PR FS UKC champions

 All Star Valley dogs are registered FSS AKC,NRTFC and ARBA also Irish Kennel club REGISTERED CHAMPIONS.  Imported with Irish Kennel Club papers pure bred Irish blood lines only come through the Irish Kennel Club and have CERTIFIED registration papers.

Star Valley Russell Terriers since 1961 Home of AKC & UKC GR Champions
Michael and Avril Black
Licensed/Certified  Judge
Leading Breeder in USA 
of The Russell Terrier !


Even if you do not adopt your puppy from me, I’ll be happy to speak with you and give you a free consultation on what to look for!! 
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Scottsdale, AZ           Big Sky,Montana
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Avril Black: Treasurer of the American Russell Terrier Foundation Club
Licensed/Certified  Judge
Michael Black: President of the American Russell Terrier Foundation Club
Member of the Irish Kennel Club (1811)
our puppies have GENERATIONS of FS purple ribbon champions behind them
we have the oldest DOCUMENTED line
After january 1st 2009 Star Valley NO longer registered Russell Terriers with UKC 2001 to 2008
2011 akc no longer accepts UKC registrations for the Russell Terrier

A picture is worth a thousand words... 
Jan 2009 would have been our 8 year anniversary since the Russell was recognized by the UKC.  Star Valley dogs had the privilege of entering the UKC as foundation stock with the most purple ribbon quality breeding stock .  Being part of our roots and heritage, Star Valley's pedigrees date back to 1961 and our original dogs that we imported from England.  We have had a wide variety of Top Ten Russell Terriers  but at the moment Int. ARBA GRCH Star Valley Ellana Rigby still holds the record for Top 10 points with 159 points.  Most of our Purple Ribbon foundation dogs have been championed or hold grand champion titles.  Our imported lines have also been championed in the UKC before we have bred them to our lines.  We have several different winning combinations here in the USA to offer. 
Star Valley Russell Terriers,Since   1961                                 

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Star Valley Russell Terriers of Arizona.
 We are show breeders of the  Russell Terrier now known in the FSS AKC, ARBA as the Russell Terrier.
Know the difference between a Parson, Jack, and a Russell? 
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We are happy to have our Russell Terrier Puppies living in these Arizona cities....and
Star Valley Jack Russells Russell Terriers in Colorada Texas Maine Virginia California Florida Montana Idaho
Phoenix                              Lake Havasu City 
Tucson                              Goodyear 
Mesa                                 Avondale 
Glendale                             Flagstaff 
Chandler                             Sierra Vista 
Scottsdale                          Prescott 
Gilbert                                Cave Creek 
Tempe                                Kingman
Peoria                                 Marana
Yuma                                  El Mirage
Queen Creek                        Casa Grande
Surprise                              Prescott Valley
Oro Valley                           Maricopa
Bullhead City                       Apache Junction
Visit Star Valley for your Russell Terrier Puppy in AZ!  Arizona Russell Terrier breeder for over 40 years.  Russell Terriers are our ONLY BREED.
Visit these Russell Terrier Clubs and registries:
The English Jack Russell was recognized by the UKC on January 1st 2001. ARBA recognized them as the RUSSELL TERRIER in 2003. It is the intent of NRTFC and ARBA to ensure the dogs registered as RUSSELL TERRIER are in fact the type of English Jack Russell originally presented and registered as Foundation Stock. ARBA and NRTFC's goal is to maintain the Stud Book's integrity for past, present and future generations. 
Only dogs Registered with ARBA and NRTFC are in fact the "Old English Jack Russell" with NO cross-breeding of Parson Russell Terrier or Fox Terrier.
Please contact the NRTFC regarding any single registrations, for  the Russell Terrier The American Rare Breed Association will NOT register your dog unless it has been first registered with the NRTFC, 
Exclusive Pure
Short Russell Terrier Lines all registered FSS AKC and ARBA
NO cross breeding of  "Parson Russell's" to the "Smooth  Russell Terrier"
Star Valley is the only breeder with FS UKC
(" Foundation Stock")
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status in US for the 
"Russell Terrier" 
Established lines from 1961 Documented with FS UKC and FSS AKC NOT a strain
National Russell Terrier Foundation Club Registered
                             Dual Registered
                               American Rare Breed Association                             FSS American Kennel Club
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Star Valley is proud to have Registered, Certified, Therapy Dogs listed in their blood lines
for the Russell Terrier.

AKC.B.O.B & Best
Star Valley Life's Short
Star Valley Baer Dude's Impact
Star Valley Patrick Macnee
 Star Valley Chumba
Star Valley Zoie's 
Hidden Treasure 
The Star Valley Russells are the original article steeped in English blood,  tradition and HISTORY  going back to the 1800's.
Their purity of blood and type has been maintained since 1961 with the intent of preserving the breed as it originated in Country of Origin "England". The dog's I grew up with in England. FSS AKC show quality puppies avalable,these puppies have it all show or event from PROVEN FSS AKC show event bloodlines

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Russell Terrier 

The Board VOTED to accept the Russell Terrier into the AKC Stud Book effective June 1, 2012, and to accept the Standard submitted by the American Russell Terrier Club, Inc., as the official standard for the breed. The breed will be eligible to compete in the Terrier Group effective June 27, 2012. An open registry will be maintained for the breed until July 1, 2017.