In the USA there has been an influx of imports Irish Jack Russell's that have no documented papers and do not come through the Irish Kennel Club. Also FCI Jack Russell Terriers that have been cross-bred to Parson Russell Terriers and Fox Terriers.  In 2001 when the Russell Terrier registry was handed over to UKC, there were NO dogs listed from FCI bloodlines that were registered with UKC FS (Foundation Stock) status papers.  Only the old pure line of Russell Terrier was designated with the prefix FS (Foundation Stock) on the pedigrees. 

All others past and present do not have this status.  Only Star Valley bloodlines had Purple Ribbon status added to their FS papers. The papers that carry FS are the most authentic bloodlines in USA, these can also be found in The American Rare Breed Association (ARBA).

    Star Valley has the largest living non cross-bred gene pool in the USA from the original registry that went into ARBA and UKC. We have the most sires and dams living and producing today the true original FS lines. Our track record over the past 15 years showing proves our bloodlines are the very best in USA. In 2005 Star Valley had 6 out of 10 Top Ten dogs- all bred by us and all from FS Sires and Dams.  To date, we have 38 Best in Shows, 30 of which were bred from Purple Ribbon - FS Sires and Dams. Only the purest bloodlines are good enough for Star Valley.

    To sum it all up: only dogs that have FS on UKC papers and dogs registered with ARBA are ones you can be sure are the true original Russell Terrier with no cross-breeding. Otherwise, you could be buying a Parson Russell Terrier or Fox Terrier given new papers as a Russell Terrier.  The USA has the very best to offer of pure Russell Terriers.  The domestic lines carry very few if any of  the new modern lines. Some of the new bloodlines that have been imported carry genetic problems.

     Star Valley does not have a potpourri of old and new blended bloodlines.  As we see it, its either an old antique or a modern reproduction.  Facts and truth some times get in the way of so called progress but REAL THINGS ARE RARE. With over 100 years of combined experience with our own lines brought from England, Star Valley has the TRUE ORIGINAL bloodlines to offer those who want an AUTHENTIC RUSSELL TERRIER WITH NO PARSON RUSSELL OR FOX TERRIER CROSS-BREEDING.  Currently, Star Valley's old ARBA and UKC Foundation Bloodlines are going into the AKC as Foundation Stock for the AKC Russell Terrier. 

For those who demand the best, ask for NRTFC/ARBA Foundation Bloodlines.  Ask for a Star Valley Russell Terrier.    

Michael and Avril Black
What Makes Star Valley Dogs Unique
Here are some notable Star Valley dogs.  All carry the letters FS on their UKC pedigrees,  all are living and currently producing future Champions, and all are foundation stock for the AKC...


FS Star Valley T.L.C.
PR FS Star Valley Jewel
FS Star Valley Scarborough Faire
PR FS Star Valley Sweetness
PR FS Star Valley Jane's Jumping Jack
PR FS Star Valley Abigail Russell
PR FS Star Valley Zoie's Pride

Grand Champions

FS Star Valley Luton Lucy
PR FS Star Valley Gemmer
PR FS Star Valley Sir William Wallace
FS Star Valley Molly McGuire
PR FS Star Valley Baby Cham

Star Valley Russell Terriers                                Real Things are Rare
Star Valley Russell Terriers.  We are show breeders of the " Russell Terrier now known in the AKC and UKC as the Russell Terrier.
A Description of the Breed
by Anna Katherine Nicholas
written in 1990

   Jack Russell Terriers are many things to many people.  We have already discussed the breed's sporting and working qualities, pointing out the usefulness of these dogs in hunting foxes with the sportsmen who enjoy this activity.  Jack Russells also perform the more prosaic job of keeping the premises free of rodents with impressive efficiency- at farms, kennels, or stables.  They are true terriers, from whisker to tail, in every sense of the word. 

   Not all of us, however, love chasing over the countryside behind a fox or own large country properties in need of a rodent eliminator.   What, then, about those of us who just need an all around family dog that will be fun to own, intelligent, and fit nicely into the household?

   It would be impossible to improve upon a Jack Russell for any of those purposes.  Game and hardy as they are, they also possess a keen appreciation of comfort; they bask in being permitted to share the household with their people and even with several other dogs (not just of their own breed), plus a cat or two.  How well this works depends largely upon the tact displayed by the owner, seeing that all introductions to other animals with whom the home will be shared are handled tactfully, to ensure good, jealousy free future relations.  This is true of pets no matter what the type and breed.

   The keen intelligence of Jack Russells always makes them interesting to have around.  Their delightful ways with people, their affection for their owner (and their eagerness for making this clear), and their obvious comfort in sharing your chair, sofa, or bed, or curling up in your lap as you read or watch television, make them ideal, no matter what your lifestyle.

   Being small, Jack Russells are truly a most convenient size for taking with you on your travels, and they have the ability to settle in happily in an apartment, a house in the suburbs, or in the country.  Their size makes them a tremendous amount of exercise unnecessary, although they do seem practically tireless in the field, romping and playing or accompanying you on walks.