I was born and reared in Liverpool, England. I raised terriers for the fox hunting field in England for many years and have been involved with them since 1961. I rode to hounds in the winter many times where the original short-legged English Jack Russell Terriers were used to good effect. We used to call them the "official horse dog" as they were always around horses in one way or another. Our line of terriers originated in the 15th century to work on the farm and to hunt fox. They were also used to rid the farm of rodents. It was also very important that the dogs be bred to have superior dispositions, allowing them to be wonderful around people.

        We have an outstanding foundation line and in summer would show and work the dogs at annual county shows. Our line won numerous classes in Anglsea, Wales, Barnstable and Devon. The Star Valley Line of terrier is the oldest documented line in the USA.  Being of the true traditional old English Terriers, the heritage of our line goes way back to my hunting days in England, and are of correct type for the AKC FSS Breed Standard 2010. We imported this line into the US. In 1995, five of Star Valley's females won a total of 40 flat races and steeplechases between them and were retired undefeated in 1999.  Our dogs have won 36 championships in go-to-ground. Star Valley has generations of proven working stock. They are the ultimate small terrier known as the true Jack Russell Terrier in the United Kingdom.

        In 1994 we purchased an outstanding male, from foundation stock, as an out-cross on our line. If ever there was a perfect cross of genes, this is it. Two lines that have gone far beyond our expectations, the puppies are outstanding in all aspects. Genetically sound with outstanding temperaments..

         We have also used a straight line CH Star Valley foundation female on a straight line Champion male to produce some of the best Russell Terriers available in the United States. We have straight legs, outstanding temperaments and good ear sets. We breed the best to the best. Selective breeding has produced the Complete Russell with an emphasis on intelligence and temperament. They are sound of health and conformation.

         We do not line-breed or in-breed in any way. All of our puppies are totally guaranteed free of genetic fault. We breed our Champion lines not to get rich, but for the mere love of the breed, and to improve it.

         Michael and I are now retired and just travel with all of our dogs to shows where available. We spend our winters in Arizona and our summers traveling in most states.

        Our dogs have won numerous classes, including Grand Champion Male Terrier (won twice), at the County Fair in 1995 and 1996, with Star Valley foundation lines. We have also been very successful at all the US shows we have attended in most states across U S A we could be in your state.

         The end result to the whole endeavor is that as of 1/1/2001 we have now been recognized by the United Kennel Club and will go forward to be the Foundation Sires and Dams for the UKC Russell Terrier Breed. Our registered dogs and the puppies they produce will be UKC foundation stock and will carry the prefix *F.S. on their pedigrees and registrations. The United Kennel Club designation of PURPLE RIBBON (PR) indicates that the dogs have at least six generations of pedigreed breeding. Star Valley has generations of purple ribbon dogs and offspring.  Click here to see the letter accepting the Russell into the UKC. We are the Foundation for the American Rare Breed Association and FSS AKC for USA.

We travel through most states, sometimes from Texas to Florida, and we spend some summers with our dogs in the Northern States. We could be traveling through your state, and would like to show you all of our dogs and to exchange "Russell Stories."

E-mail starvalleyrussells@hotmail.com

Best Regards,

Avril and Michael Black
Dedicated to the True Russell Terrier
Country of Origin, England

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Star Valley Russell Terriers.  We are show breeders of the "Jack" Russell Terrier now known in the AKC and UKC as the Russell Terrier.