The AKC Board VOTED to accept the Russell 
Terrier into the AKC stud book effective 
June 1 2012 

FSS AKC show quality puppies for sale, these puppies have it all show or event FSS AKC from PROVEN FSS AKC show and event bloodlines After January 1st 2009 Star Valley NO longer registered "Russell Terriers" with UKC due to their new registration policies

2011 AKC will NO longer accept pedigree's from UKC for the "Russell Terrier."

Contact us we may have a few top quality pet puppies also for sale from the oldest documented lines in the USA!  Our puppies have GENERATIONS of FS PURPLE RIBBON CHAMPIONS behind them.All Star Valley dog's are registered Russell Terrier's with FSS AKC, ARBA,FS UKC,(2001/2008) NRTFC and ARTFC, "PURE" Russell Terrier bloodlines with NO CROSS BREEDING of the Parson Russell Terrier 

These puppies will have excellent temperamentssuperb health, and are the Short Old Fashioned type of Russell Terrier.  They will make excellent companions or family pets.

Showing this One Breed may be our Hobby but we take it very seriously.   Temperament is a huge factor in judging dogs. Did you know if a dog attempts to bite a Judge, their papers can be removed from the Registry along with all of their off spring

Show Dogs are exposed to many different situations which are usually more stressful and diverse than what a home environment contains. This tests their temperament and stamina much more than people realize.

Star Valley celebrating HISTORY for the AKC Russell Terrier.
Star Valley Patrick Macnee.
Was among the very first Russell Terriers to exhibet at the prestigious Great Western Terrier Association specialty show in Long Beach Ca. June 2010
Macnee is the first Russell Terrier ever to covert the first BOB/BIMISC at this prestigious Terrier event.

AKC (EE) dog title is exclusive to Star Valley for the Russell Terrier there are only three (EE) titled dogs for all AKC breeds in USA at this time.

Here at Star Valley we only have one litter at a time. We feel like they need lots of companionship and individual attention in those formative weeks to be the very best they can be sharing the household. We don't view dog breeding as a production line to provide a catalog of puppies for buyers. That is way too impersonal and insensitive for an endeavor that has been a labor of love for the past 40 years. We don't profess to love them with idle words. Our actions and service is a testament to our love and devotion to the breed. 

Congratulations to Yelonda and Kim for qualifying  AKC Eukanuba National Championship, in Long Beach California 12/5/2010 what a wonderful achievement for our breed.

You have won already!! YOU GOT THERE!!!!

Congratulations to John and Tanya  
2011 show puppy at 6 months 10 days won ARBA BOB BIS Adult competition

About Star Valley Puppies
The Star Valley line of Russell Terriers are descendants of the Old Original Short Russell's we brought from England (country of origin) when we moved to the US.  Over the years we have added top quality Irish dogs imported with Irish Kennel Club papers, proof of being pure bred, and English dogs but have stayed true to the original type and disposition of the little dogs we love. 
Our puppies from these lines are guaranteed in writing to be healthy and free of genetic disorders.  Every puppy we produce is from GENERATIONS of Champions, Grand Champions, Purple Ribbon and Foundation Stock.  Our puppies are sold with a spay/neuter agreement and are eligible for Registration with the AKC FSS, ARBA and UKC.
Showing this one breed may be a Hobby but we take it very seriously.  We as responsible breeders feel it is most IMPORTANT to have our dogs critiqued by Licensed Judges, giving us objective outside opinions. This is by far the best way to know what we are breeding is correct as far as conformation and TEMPERMENT! Temperament is a huge factor in judging dogs. 
Did you know if a dog attempts to bite a Judge, their papers can be removed from the Registry along with all of their off spring? 
Show Dogs are exposed to many different situations which are usually more stressful and diverse than what a home environment contains. This tests their temperament and stamina much more than people realize.  
Shipping Worldwide is available.

 Home of AKC GR Champions
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Next puppies will be in 2014
From the oldest AKC documented PROVEN Blood lines in USA

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Star Valley Russells
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With the oldest documented lines in AKC with PROVEN History  happy healthy pets.

Please call for information on our wonderful Puppies!
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  Star Valley Russell Terriers                                 Real Things are Rare
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We are show breeders of the Russell Terrier now known in  FSS AKC, ARBA as the  Russell Terrier.
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Sires and dams are FS UKC purple ribbon Champions on record accurately representing the puppies as coming from Champion lines. We do not use the word Champion lines loosely. In fact we have titled FS purple ribbon Champion/Grand Champion ancestors on record going back many generations. We are proud to say we have done this with limited breeding easily retaining improved quality in our lines going forward. This has assisted us in avoiding mass production so prevelant today in the breed. Ever mindful of the over pet population. All puppies are cute. They do grow up and are not created equal. 

After January 1st 2009 Star Valley NO longer registered Russell Terriers with UKC.
due to their new registration policies Real things are rare

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