About Me

I am a Licensed Multi-breed Judge with additional specialized licenses in the Toy Fox Terrier, American Eskimo, American Pit Bull Terrier, Junior Showmanship, and Terrier Racing.

My husband, Michael and I founded the National Russell Terrier Foundation Club and the American Russell Terrier Foundation Club.  I currently serve on the Board of Trustees for the International Toy Fox Terrier Historical Society, and I am the President of the NRTFC. 

I was the first Shorty Breeder in the USA to import Champion FCI Dogs from around the world with a focus on Registered  Irish Kennel Club Champions.

Some FCI lines have "Parson Russell Terrier" (Fox Terrier) cross breeding.  It is our intent to keep the Star Valley lines free from ANY cross breeding to Parson,or Fox Terrier lines.

In 2001 and 2003 I worked on the registry that was given to UKC and American Rare Breed Association as Foundation Stock for the Russell Terrier. In 2005 The American Kennel Club took our Registry as FSS AKC for the Russell Terrier. This has given me the knowledge as to what is in the Current Breed. I have over 3,000 pedigrees as data on the breed for the whole of the United States, Australia and European Countries. Some Registries do contain Cross-bred dogs.

My dogs are DNA tested and will go forward serving as foundation dogs for ARBA, NRTFC, AKC and UKC breeders.  

Star Valley Russell Terriers                                Real Things are Rare

Star Valley Russell Terriers.  We are show breeders of the "Jack" Russell Terrier now known in the AKC and UKC as the Russell Terrier.

Mel J. Pauline DVM
Cochins Animal Hospital
Scottsdale, AZ

Kim Baer
K9  Trainer

Beulah Palmer
Puppy Kindergarden
Scottsdale, AZ

  Karen and Bill Brin
Pet Sense Inc.
14425 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Suite 411
Scottsdale AZ 85254

United Kennel Club (2001)
Kalamazoo, Michigan
As of 1st January  2009 Star Valley NO longer registered Russell Terriers with UKC

American Rare Breed Association (2003)
Cheltenham, Maryland
Stud book now closed for the Russell Terrier
Leonard Wilford DVM
All Creatures Great and Small
Afton, Wyoming

Walter and June Pasko
Hard work and dedication to the Breed

Yelanda Henss and Aurora
Ambassador's for the breed

Tanya and John Holiday
for all their help over the years
good luck with the new puppy

A Special Thanks to Stephanie
for all your hard work

Steve and Niome Guy
for all the help with the legal questions

Jean Hall
For sharing with us her many years of knowledge in helping us
produce 9 best in show wins in 2003

Star Valley Jack Russells Russell Terriers in Colorada Texas Maine Virginia California Florida Montana Idaho Arizona or may be in your state