National Russell Terrier Foundation Club is recognized by
The American Rare Breed Association (ARBA)
as the Parent Club for the Russell Terrier 
As of January 1st 2009 NRTFC no longer register UKC
2001 to 2008

NRTFC President - Avril Black

The American Rare Breed Association promotes and educates the public on rare breeds in the US. In 2003 they accepted the Registry from the NOW Nation Russell Terrier Foundation Club and called the breed Russell Terrier.  In addition to public awareness and education, ARBA also maintains a rare breed registry and  hosts conformation shows and seminars.  You will find many of the Russell Terrier Foundation bloodlines in ARBA.  These bloodlines are those of the Old English Russell's before cross-breeding of the Parson Russell Terrier and Fox Terrier.

The oldest documeted lines in the United States can be found in ARBA such as
Star Valley, Elk Creek, Tall Trees, Pecan Grove, Westly, and Hi Hills.  ARBA will not accept litter registrations from cross-bred dogs.

Star Valley was the first to have ARBA Champions and Best in Show Wins.
November 2009, A Star Valley Bred Dog received the FIRST American Rare Breed Association MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIP in the USA for the RUSSELL TERRIER

  If you are looking for the pure old English bloodlines, contact us for FREE CONSULTATION. Even if you do not adopt your puppy from me, I’ll be happy to speak with you and give you a free consultation on what to look for!”.  Even if we don't have a puppy available we can help you locate a True Russell

Congratulations John and Tanya Star Valley H.R.H Princess Josephine 2011 ARBA.BOB BIS Adult class    

Star Valley Russell Terriers                                Real Things are Rare
Star Valley Russell Terriers.  We are show breeders of the " Russell Terrier now known in the AKC  as the Russell Terrier.
American Rare Breed Association
Breed Standard for the Russell Terrier
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